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ECR (Efficient Consumer Response)

Europe Category Management Best Practices Report

Co Author, Jerry Singh, 1997


ECR Report - Foreword  

(All Examples & Exhibits, Courtesy of Roland Berger & Partner and The Partnering Group)

Chapter 1 - Introduction: Why is it time for Category Management?

Chapter 2 - Category Management in Europe versus the U.S.

Chapter 3 - The Core Component: Strategy

Chapter 4 - The Core Component: Business Process:

        Chapter 4 A.    Category Definition

        Chapter 4 B.    Category Role

        Chapter 4 C.    Category Assessment

        Chapter 4 D.    Category Performance Measures

        Chapter 4 E.    Category Strategies

        Chapter 4 F.    Category Tactics

Chapter 4 G.    Category Plan Implementation

Chapter 4 H.     Category Review

Chapter 5 - The Enabling Components:  

        Chapter 5 A.    Performance Measurement

        Chapter 5 B.    Organisational Capabilities

Chapter 5 C.    Information Technology

Chapter 5 D.    Cooperative Trading Partner Relationships

Chapter 6 - How do you Successfully Implement Category Management?